Frye and Associates, Inc., established in 1999, is a full-service business development consulting firm structured to assist your team in targeting, preparing and submitting competitively bid business opportunities.

We take your organization, step-by-step, through the stages necessary to submit a proposal that increases your probability of win.


Our clients include large and small businesses throughout the United States, Europe, Middle East and South Africa. Our experience includes technology- driven proposal management and program management services for aerospace, environmental, information technology, manufacturing, shipbuilding, banking, water and wastewater, and health care, to name just a few.

We are at the forefront of government’s move towards privatization and we understand the competitive mindset required to win in this arena. Our personnel were actively involved in the Department of Defense and Department of Transportation’s move to a Full Service Contracting concept while implementing streamlined contracting alternatives. These alternatives show demonstrated Total Ownership Cost reductions through innovative design concepts and more effective program management processes and new business development models.