Once a proposal is won, a group of individuals must come together to carry out the tasks you proposed. Often this means bringing people together who may never have worked as a team. More and more work teams are made up of individuals who work in different offices across different states and in some cases different countries. It is very important to know who you are working with and what strengths each person brings to the team.

Frye and Associates assists your new teams in building cohesion and workability which enhances the project’s overall performance and helps you effectively manage your new business.

Key Areas Of Development

Two common areas of concern when bringing teams together are:

•       Communication Approaches

•       Individual Team Member Strength Identification

Understanding how the individual team members prefer to communicate and their communication style can help avoid misunderstandings and improve efficiency. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an assessment commonly used in team building because it can assist in identifying the strengths of the individuals on the team. Strength identification can help with task and role assignments on the team. Whether the project is short or long term, investing in this knowledge can make the project progress smoothly, gives each member of the team information as to how to best address problems that may arise while working as a team.

Our Team Building Approach

Dr. Frye leads our organizational development team to ensure the proper approaches of assessment and analysis are implemented. Our proven methods can benefit your team by improving productivity and overall project efficiency. Team building interventions are customized to your specific needs.

Recommendations are implemented while ensuring everyone is in agreement and have a full understanding of what the goals are for the project at hand. Our approach can include working with individuals, exploration of individual and group strengths, assessments and group presentations.