Full Service Proposal Management

Frye and Associates, Inc., established in 1999, is a full-service business development consulting firm structured to assist your team in targeting, preparing and submitting competitively bid business opportunities.

We take your organization, step-by-step, through the stages necessary to submit a proposal that increases your probability of win.

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What We Do

Quality-Focused, Expert Staff

Frye and Associates business growth consultants help our clients some of their largest acquisitions. We carefully review your project requirements and match you with a best fit consultant for your firm’s culture and needs. Our consultants are well adept at team leadership and project management, but the main focus is on building a compelling and compliant proposal response for your firm.

Immediate Integration

Our consultants immediately begin working with your team to provide maximum results.

Scalable Process

We apply our proven methodology as time and budget allows, focusing on client needs and highest impact.

Deep Experience

We provide career experts in proposal and capture management, with a minimum of 20 years of experience in their field before joining Frye and Associates.

Ready to Take Your Proposal to the Next Level?

Tell us about your upcoming business growth plans and we’ll tell you how we can best support your strategic roadmap with winning support.

Let’s talk.


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