Our Services

From pre-proposal planning to post-award, we have your firm’s business growth needs covered.

Every proposal, past and future, is a significant business investment.

We provide candid and practical support to help our clients implement proven proposal methodologies while leveraging the latest proposal models.

The best proposals tell a story. They are engaging, interesting and they clearly express why partnering with your business will benefit the buyer.

Our approach

Compliant. Compelling. Complete.

Let us make your proposal development process both successful and manageable.


What are you going to tell your prospective customer? Every big win begins with a cohesive win strategy.


A proposal without a detailed plan will cost your firm more $ in the long run.


Daily progress management is paramount to keeping the development schedule on track.

Types of Support

No matter the project stage, Frye and Associates can provide the experienced proposal development support you need to increase your likelihood of a big win.

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Proposal Management

We bring a 91% competitive proposal win rate to our clients by using a disciplined and proven process managing and developing proposal responses to customer solicitations.

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Win Strategy / Black Hat

We examine our clients’ strengths and weaknesses associated with their approach. We provide technical analysis reviews and pricing development alternatives.

Additionally, we work with your capture team to develop a win strategy that incorporates win themes, key tenets, discriminators, achievements and ghosts to differentiate you from your competition. 

We guide your team to develop a customer-focused and benefits-driven strategy approach that helps you win more new business.

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Understanding time proven steps to proposal development is key to winning new business. Using a successful process is essential to developing a proposal with the highest probability of winning.

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Capture Planning

In today’s complex competitive bid environment the ability to be flexible and quickly adapt is crucial to winning.

We bring the experience to help our clients succeed by implementing proven techniques, tools, and processes that fits our clients’ needs.

We provide opportunity assessments and competitive analyses that help to fully understand your win probability and assist you with a bid no-bid decision.

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Oral Presentation Coaching

We conduct personal coaching sessions on presentation dynamics, build confidence and credibility of the orals presentation team, facilitate practice sessions, and coach the orals proposal teams’ to ensure clearly articulated messaging.

Ready to Take Your Proposal to the Next Level?

Tell us about your upcoming business growth plans and we’ll tell you how we can best support your strategic roadmap with winning support.

Let’s talk.


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